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How Much Does It Cost To Renovate A Kitchen?

Before embarking on any renovation project, its important to know what you can expect the project to cost. Particularly when it comes to big ticket item like the kitchen. I'm here to lift the lid on the unknown and share with you some recent benchmark pricing on kitchen renovations, based on my industry expertise.

Small Kitchen, Same Layout,

Flat Pack Cabinetry


Small Kitchen, Reconfigured Layout,

Custom Cabinetry


Medium Size Kitchen, Same Layout,

Custom Cabinetry


Medium Size Kitchen, New Layout, Custom Cabinetry


Large Kitchen (Walk in Pantry), Mid Range, No Structural Work


Large Kitchen (Butlers Pantry, )Structural Work

INVESTMENT $100,000+

These prices will vary depending on the materials chosen, amount of structural work and your geographic location. Decisions such as choosing natural stone over engineered stone, extending benchtops materials into splashbacks and relocating the kitchen will naturally add to the scope of works and require a greater investment. Likewise, if you live in a remote geographic area or if your kitchen is difficult to access (i.e. cliff side or hill top) you can also expect additional costs.


If you plan on replacing appliances, you'll need to allow additional funds. These can vary greatly depending on your brand preferences and desired functionality. Entry level kitchen packages range from $3500-$5000. European brands range from $7000-$15,000. Luxury appliances such as Zip Taps and Wine Fridges should also be factored in.

If you're keen to get a more accurate understanding of what you could achieve within your budget, a good starting point is an "At Home Consultation". I'll help you priorities your project, discuss budget and on-the-spot solutions, develop a scope of work, recommend trades to get some quotes and produce a plan to help you more forward.

To find out more, send me a message or give me a call.

Yours in design,


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