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How to create a Modern Farmhouse Style home.

Modern Farmhouse style homes are increasing in popularity. This may be born out of our post-pandemic need to feel nurtured, safe and create homes that are a haven. But what exactly are the features of a Modern Farmhouse home? Studio McGee have a created a couple of amazing homes based on this style in their Netflix series "Dream Home Makeover". Here's my guide to Modern Farmhouse style.


A modern farmhouse typically features an open floor plan between kitchen, dining and living areas. This allows easy flow and connectivity.


Natural materials such as timber, stone and brick are use to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Think fireplaces, chunky stone benchtops, stone clad fireplaces and exposed brick work.


Most farm houses will large windows allowing for an abundance of natural light to filter into the home and a gabled roof, often lined in shiplap or veejay with exposed beams. This creates that authentic barn like fee.


A covered porch is a hallmark of a modern farmhouse, providing comfortable outdoor living spaces that can be enjoyed year round and allow protected areas to enjoy views of the surrounding landscapes. A place to sit and ponder, read a book, enjoy a cuppa or entertain guests.


This is probably one of the most instantly recognisable features of a Modern Farmhouse. Farmhouse sinks have a large exposed front panel (apron) providing ample space for washing large pots and pans and allowing easier access to the sink without having a lean over the benchtop.


And finally, modern farmhouse style often includes rustic touches such as exposed timber beams, shiplap walls and oversized barn doors to add character and charm to the home.

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