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Six reasons you should hire an Interior Designer!

Have you every considered using an Interior Designer? Many of you probably have some idea of what we do (thanks to Shaynna Blaze and Three Birds Renovations), but is an Interior Designer really worth considering for your project? Why should you hire an Interior Designer?

I often come across couples where one partner understands that value but the other needs some convincing. We'll if that's you, here are six compelling reasons to hire a professional Interior Designer for your home build or renovation project.

1) Saves you time and money

Imagine working all week, and then spending your entire weekend trawling tiles shops, plumbing stores, appliance stores and stone showrooms because the builder has said he needs your selections asap. Often your choices will be limited to what's in stock and you'll have little room to negotiate on price. An Interior Designer can do all this leg work for you saving your hours of time. They can give you access to trade pricing and help negotiate a deal. All whilst having a clear vision for your project so you can ensure your selections not only work within your budget, but create the desired look and feel you always imagined.

2) Eliminates stress

Are you a person that finds decision making stressful? Many of my clients walk into a supply store and feel totally overwhelmed and daunted at the prospect of narrowing down a range and making a selection. Once again, your Interior Designer can make your selections so much easier. By clearly defining and understanding your vision, we can narrow down the choices significantly whilst still giving you the room to choose products, fixtures, fittings and finishes that you absolutely love!

3) Effective budgeting and planning

Over the past five years, I've developed a number of tools to assist my clients in budgeting and planning their project. We can draw on previous projects to give you an idea of pricing from the outset. And our tried and tested design processes ensure we can plan timelines and deadlines allowing you more time and space for critical decision making.

4) Professional expertise, advice and problem solving

It all goes back to the old adage, "two brains are better than one". But your Interior Design also has years of experience and professional expertise to draw on. My own journey includes a Bachelor of Business, a diploma in Interior Design, a Certificate IV in Kitchen & Bathroom design along with countless completed renovation projects and new builds for clients and builders. There is also ongoing professional development through industry associations such as The Interior Design Association, The Kitchen & Bathroom Design Institute and others, ensuring we stay abreast of the latest and greatest in building products and solutions, as well as building code and compliance requirements.

5) Access to resources, trades, contacts and suppliers

Your interior designer will have a "little black book" of reliable trades, suppliers and contractors that can work on your project. Once again saving you the leg work. They will be tried and tested and often due to the strong loyal relationship, can be available sooner for your project over others.

6) Tools that help you visualise the end result

I often get clients saying " I just can't visualise my space". There are a number of ways we make this easier. Mood boards, material boards, colour overlays and 3D renders are all available to make sure your space comes together exactly how you like it. Why take the risk and hope you get it right. You're often spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Visualisation tools can eliminate oversights and give you greater peace of mind.

Convinced yet? If even one of these reasons is enough motivation for you, its time to chat.

Yours in design,


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