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Smart Kitchen Storage Solutions

Lack of storage has got to be the number one issue I come across when talking to home owners. There are so many great storage solutions out there but many of us just simply don't know they exist - or get caught up in the kitchen design process and forget to include them. Here are some of my favourites to include in your Kitchen Renovation by Hafele, Hettich & Blum.

Hafele Tandem Pantry

The TANDEM pantry by Hafele creates two clear shelves on each level with unrivalled visibility. With split front and rear shelf units, you get a better overview and more transparency. And it features an emotional movement sequence which means that when the front (door) shelf swings open on the door, the rear shelf is automatically drawn forward. Now that's smart!

HAFELE Le Mans - Blind Corner Solution

The Le Mans Blind Corner solution is perfect for making functional use of those nuance corner cabinets. Function meets comfort. Le Mans is impressively flexible as the user selects the tray heights to suit the contents and cut out wasted space giving you optimum access every time. Innovation through evolution: - the 85° opening angle avoids collisions with handles on adjacent cupboards. Seamless combination of controlled turning and swinging - the trays move independently to bring the entire cabinet contents into easy reach! And there's plenty of room, even for heavy items. Each individual shelf can easily carry up to 25 kilograms.

HAFELE iMove Overhead Solution

How's this for smart. The iMove Overhead solution is setting new standards. Its easy to operate, gives you more reach, a clear view and it provides fast access.

iMove substantially improves the ergonomics of a wall unit by bringing even the top shelves into easy reach. What’s so fascinating about iMove is the way in which a simple, almost effortless movement by the user triggers mechanical motion. A little tug – a big effect!

HAFELE The Point Pod

If you're someone who loves to use Kitchen Aids, blenders and food processors front and centre on your island bench, they you can go past the Point Pod. Because its designed to blend in, you can now have access to power points and USB sockets without compromising your design. Its easy to use and is installed underneath your stone or timber bench top. The product uses an electric lift, so you simply press the top of the unit, and it automatically emerges for use on the bench top. The Point Pod is also flexible as it can be orientated any way, plus it can be installed into different thicknesses of bench tops. How good is that?

HETTICH Under Sink Bin Solution

I love this under sink bin solution by Hettich. It features 3 separate bins so you're covered for general waste, recycling and composting. The buckets sit inside a tray and can be simply lifted out for emptying and cleaning. And there's a pouch at the front which is great storage for bin liners and cleaning wipes. So smart!

HETTICH AvanTech YOU Drawers

If you like to keep your kitchen really organised, you can't go past the Hettich AvanTech YOU drawers with internal organisation. These can be custom designed for you and include fittings like plate racks, knife blocks, cutlery drawers and storage boxes that can easily be lifted in an out. Great quality and contemporary design.

HETTICH Wing Line Pull to Move Mechanism

Overhead cabinets can be tricky to reach and restrictive. Hettich has created this innovative solution to make your overhead cabinets more accessible. The cabinets still look like a standard door but this mechanism allows them to bi fold open creating a really wide access area. And you only have to slightly push or pull and the mechanism does the work for you. Too easy!

The BLUM Space Step

One of my absolute favourite kitchen solutions is the BLUM space step. It makes use of the kick board area which is often just a void and gives you access to hard to reach wall cabinets. Its also a great way to encourage the kids to help out in the kitchen. Very clever!

I also love taking advantage of under-utilised areas. Blum has this fantastic solution for under your sink. The under sink drawer allows you to have all your cleaning utensils right at your fingertips!

Be smart with storage. Stay organised with innovative internal fittings.

Need help designing your dream kitchen. Ask me how!

Maz x

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