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Tips for choosing the perfect rug!

Choosing a new rug can be intimidating. Where do you start? How do you know how to choose the right size or shape for your room? How do you choose the right fibre? Should you selected a certain pattern or introduce colour? There's lots to consider!!

Here are my tips that should make your rug selections process a little easier.

Is it the focal point of the room?

Does the room already have a focal point or is the rug going to be the defining feature. A room should ideally have one focal point. This may be a fireplace, a piece of artwork or a window with a view . Be careful not to overcrowd your space with too many elements. A statement rug can indeed be the focal point. It might actually bring a whole room together.

How do you choose the right size or shape?

Rugs are often used to define an area within a larger space. In a living space, consider if you prefer all the furniture off the rug, half on and half off or all the furniture on the rug. There are practicalities around each of these options depending on the style of existing furniture, the composition of the furniture legs, whether you have pets, kids or elderly family members to consider and the size of your space.

Within the dining room, its important to ensure the rug is large enough to accommodate chairs when pushed out. And use a shape that mimics the shape of your dining table.

As a general rule, go for a bigger rather than smaller rug but make sure they either cover walkways completely or not at all - there's nothing worse than walking half on half off a rug.

A handy trick is to use masking tape to map out your desired rug size before hitting the stores!

Assess the fibre according to your needs...

Plant based fibres such as Jute or Sisal are affordable, hardwearing and give a lovely casual look. But can be rough underfoot.

Wool is more luxurious, stain resistant and heat resistant so great under a dining table or near a fireplace.

Silk is expensive and delicate but can be incredibly beautiful and has a lovely sheen.

Polypropylene is hardwearing, affordable, easy to maintain and good in high traffic areas.

Should it be patterned or plain, colourful or neutral?

Keeping in mind my point about the focal point, a rug is a great chance to introduce your personality into a space. That may come in the form of the colours you select or a particular pattern. Just make sure that these selections harmonise with the overall style of your home.

Don't forget a rug pad

There is nothing worse than a rug that moves with you when you walk on it. When purchasing a rug, be sure to get a suitable rug pad.

Some of my favourite Brisbane rug suppliers include; Armadillo Rugs, Designer Rugs and Bayliss Rugs but if you're more sustainably minded also check out Rugs for Good.

Yours in interiors,

Maz x

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