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Why Palm Springs Style is growing in popularity!

We've all noticed the proliferation of the Palm Springs interior design style but I wonder why its really taken off, particularly here in Brisbane. I guess the most notable example can be seen in the Fortitude Valley at the iconic Calile Hotel. Features include clean lines and geometry, flat plans and low profiles, natural materials, desert landscaping and architectural details such as butterfly roofs and breeze blocks.

Here's why its so popular with Brisbane home owners & renovators...

Nostalgia and Mid-Century Modern Revival

Palm Springs is known for its iconic mid-century modern architecture and design. The style, which emerged in the mid-20th century, is characterized by clean lines, open spaces, and a focus on functionality. Many people are drawn to the nostalgia of this era, and Palm Springs design offers a way to capture the essence of that time in contemporary homes.


Palm Springs design emphasises simplicity and timeless elegance. Its clean and uncluttered aesthetic appeals to those who appreciate enduring design that doesn't go out of style easily. This timelessness can be especially attractive in a world where trends often change rapidly.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

Palm Springs' climate and natural surroundings have influenced its design style. The focus on seamless indoor-outdoor living, with large windows, sliding glass doors, and outdoor spaces that are an extension of the interior, resonates with many people seeking a connection to nature and a relaxed lifestyle. So with a similar climate here in Brisbane, it makes sense that were naturally drawn to this aesthetic.

Vibrant Colours

The use of bold, vibrant colours is a hallmark of Palm Springs design. These colours can add a sense of fun and energy to living spaces, making them more inviting and dynamic. One of the major trends we're noticed in our post pandemic world is the need to create fun and vibrancy in our homes.

Minimalism and Simplicity

Palm Springs design often incorporates minimalistic principles, emphasizing simplicity, functionality, and a lack of excess ornamentation. This minimalist approach can create clean, uncluttered spaces that promote a sense of calm and relaxation.

Sustainable Design

Many elements of Palm Springs design align with sustainable design practices. The emphasis on natural materials, passive heating and cooling strategies, and the integration of the natural environment can make Palm Springs-style homes more environmentally friendly.

Celebrity Influence

The association of Palm Springs with celebrities and famous figures in the mid-20th century has added to its allure. People are often drawn to the idea of living in a place with a glamorous past, and this has contributed to the style's popularity. Celebrities like the Kardashians, Leonardo Di Caprio, Marilyn Monroe & the Rat Pack to name a few.


Palm Springs design often evokes a sense of escapism and vacation living, making it particularly appealing to those who want their homes to feel like a retreat from the everyday. Which is most of us right now!

So its clear why its taken off so well amongst home owners in Brisbane. If you'd like help adding some Palm Springs style to your home, get in touch!

Maz x

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