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Why should I hire an Interior Designer?

Wondering what the value is in hiring an Interior Designer? Not only can an Interior Designer save you time and money, they can take the stress out of the myriad of decisions you'll need to make when embarking on a new build or renovation project. Here are the top ten reasons why you might consider hiring an interior designer:

Expertise and Experience

Interior designers have the knowledge and experience to create functional, aesthetically pleasing spaces. They stay updated on the latest design trends, materials, and technologies. This is particularly useful is your wanting to incorporate the latest products or are conscious about finding sustainable solutions.

Personalized Design

Interior designers work closely with clients to understand their preferences, lifestyle, and needs, ensuring that the design is tailored to their unique style and requirements. A good designer will ask you all sorts of up close and intimate questions about the how you live day to day so solutions can be customised for you and your family. We always get a giggle when asking clients if they use their phone or a tablet whilst on the toilet! Or whether they use their bathroom for "exercise".

Budget Management

Designers can help you make the most of your budget by sourcing cost-effective materials, furnishings, and décor items, preventing costly mistakes. Many designers will have trade agreements with suppliers and access to wholesale pricing and will pass some of these discounts onto their clients. This includes fixtures, fittings and furniture.

Time Savings

Design projects can be time-consuming. Interior designers handle all the logistics, from planning to procurement and installation, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your life or business. They can be onsite whenever you can't to meet and brief trades and narrow down product selections by doing the leg work for you.

Access to Resources

Designers have access to a vast network of suppliers, contractors, and artisans, enabling them to find the best products and services for your project. Good designers will have a little black book of builders, tilers, cabinet makers, all sorts of experts that will give priority to their clients.

Space Planning

Interior designers are skilled in optimizing space layout for both functionality and aesthetics, ensuring every inch of your space is used effectively. They are trained to ensure each room is designed with scale, proportion, balance, light, and your desired aesthetic in mind.

Creative Vision:

Designers bring a fresh, creative perspective to your project, offering innovative ideas and solutions you may not have considered. Ideas that can make your space so much more functional.

Coordination and Project Management

Designers oversee the entire design process, ensuring that all elements come together seamlessly, from colour schemes and furniture selection to lighting and décor. They use tools such as mood boards, 3D rendering, material boards and schedules to bring entire concepts together.

Quality Assurance

Interior designers prioritize quality and craftsmanship, ensuring that all aspects of the design meet high standards. They will have expert knowledge about durability, warranties, suitability for purpose, construction codes and more.

Increased Property Value

A well-designed interior can increase the value of your property. If you plan to sell or rent your space, a professional design can make it more attractive to potential buyers or tenants.

Ultimately, hiring an interior designer can save you time, money, and stress while ensuring that your space reflects your personal style and functions optimally. It's an investment that can greatly enhance the look and feel of your home or business.

Want to find out more? Book a free discovery call today.

Maz x

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